Whether you are thinking of starting a family, currently pregnant, or postpartum you are a mom in training! I’m here to coach you through your fitness goals safely before, during, and after pregnancy. This online program can be followed at your home with minimal equipment (some dumbbells and resistance bands) or in a traditional gym that will have additional equipment.  

Each workout session consists of:

1)    warm-up

2)    workout

3)    cool down

Some sessions will have a skill/strength portion before the workout or a cash out after the workout. There are three different programs to choose from. 

-30 minutes or less


-6 week postpartum program

Your first step is to schedule a facetime or skype call with me to discuss your goals, work on your posture, breathing, discuss considerations to make, and talk through some common but not normal symptoms. What I tell all my mom’s is “train to train another day”, pregnancy & postpartum is no time to push beyond your physical or mental limitations, compromise form to get one more pull-up, or leak urine while jumping rope. You and I are in this together, be honest with yourself and communicate with me so we can achieve your goals TOGETHER.  Pregnancy & Postpartum is a time to move with intention and focus on the big picture (healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, and healthy return to fitness postpartum).


Minimal Equipment                             Bonus Equipment if you have access to:

-Resistance bands                                  -Barbells + weights

-Dumbbells                                           -Kettlebells

                                                              -Pull up bar





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