Time is on your side

Our baby turned 1 this month! Her first year of life has been one heck of a ride. There were more breakdowns than I can count & so many “I don’t know WTH I am doing” moments but guess what?! WE survived!

At 1 year postpartum, Do I feel like my “pre-baby” body is back? No. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. I have my body that has gone through change. I am slowly building up my strength, endurance, and most of all my confidence inside & outside the gym. I didn’t give myself a strict timeline of when I was going to do certain movements (everyone’s timeline will be different). There were a few things I waited to add in (running, jumping, midline exercises, etc). For the most part, I went off of how I was feeling that day (sleep deprived? Fatigued? Un-motivated?) and if I could do the movement with a strategy that was going to support the task. Yes, there were times when I was frustrated & felt like I wasn’t progressing. The first 6 months felt like years to me and I just wanted to be myself again and do whatever I wanted to in the gym. It wasn’t until about 4 months postpartum that things started to click for me & my point of view changed. If I could go back and tell my newly postpartum self to slow down and take it all in…. I would

Now, that a year has come and gone, I find myself happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy that Saylor is happy and healthy after 1 year, but I’m missing the late night snuggles and naps on my chest. People like to hand out their advice often to pregnant & postpartum moms, so I’ll just add to it

Try to be patient, bond with your baby, trust the process, & your body. Time is on your side for recovery, even if you think it’s not. Slow down, enjoy the journey. Before you know it this time will be gone.


-Coach K