Postpartum abmat sit-ups

Sitting up is a daily task and can’t be avoided.

I’m often asked when & how to add midline exercises back into workouts postpartum. Short answer is, everyone’s timeline is different. First step, find a pelvic floor physical therapist to help you by providing individualized strategies for YOU. From learning what your tendencies are, to giving you medical advice/clearance to advance your movement patterns. Next step, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. If you were recovering from an ACL surgery you wouldn’t run 10 miles the day after you graduated from physical therapy… RIGHT?! You would build your strength and capacity back up overtime with different exercises that mimic running, to eventually running short distances, to the end goal 10 miles. Adding abmat sit-ups back in postpartum is no different.

Once you’ve been cleared and are ready for the next steps try out these 4 progressions to help ease you back to the full range of motion abmat sit-up.


Start with the 1st progression do 1 to 3 sets of 5 to 10 reps. Monitor your symptoms & how you feel during, after, and the days following exercise. In a couple of days, do the same progression and add a few more sets and reps. Eventually, add in the 2nd progression and perform it for a week or two, keep adding in progressions until you’ve reached the full range of motion over a period of time.

Postpartum abmat sit-up progressions