3 at home postpartum exercises

Anyone can lay down and do these 3 exercises, but the way you do them matters the most.

The first step is to find a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT) in your area- Find one here.

From there, with the help of a fitness coach with continuing education working with pre/postnatal women you can start to implement strengthening exercises back into your daily routine.

Breathing tips:

Lay on your back, take 3 big breaths. I want you to pay attention to where you feel your breath going. Belly? Chest? Both? Unsure? Video yourself.

The goal is to create a balanced breath. Now, I want you to take 3 more breaths (breathing through your nose), this time focus on breathing into your ribcage with a small chest & belly rise.

Next, I want you to incorporate your pelvic floor muscles. Imagine you’re in an elevator & trying not to pass gas. Without squeezing your butt cheeks, I want you to gently squeeze around your anus as you imagine going from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor (working your way to the front of the vagina). Once you’ve made your way up to the 3rd floor, come back down to the 1st floor.

Lastly, incorporate your breath with engagement.

Inhale (through your nose) letting your muscles relax- belly, butt, everything (think 1st floor) Now…..

Exhale (through your mouth, softly), as you gently lift your pelvic floor muscles (think 1st floor going up to the 3rd floor- anus to vagina). Lightly, draw everything up and together.

Example with movement:

Inhale relax, Exhale engage, then move.

Take it slow, dial it in. Progress in time.

Give these 3 exercises a try with or without a resistance band.

Questions?? Reach out! My 6 week postpartum Recover & Reset program is a great first stepping stone returning to your fitness of choice. Minimal equipment & time needed to do the program at home.

Example day of Recover & Reset:

Banded good mornings 3 x 10

Renegade row 3 x 8

Fire Hydrants 3x10 reps

Inclined push-up 2x10

3 rounds of the following:

50m farmers carry holding dumbbell’s or kettlebell’s in both hands

50m front rack farmers carry holding a dumbbell or kettlebell

50m waiters carry

Cool down:

Door way stretch

*Along with this comes demo videos and guidance from me along the way.

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