‘Tis the season for travel and busy schedules.

Below are 4 workouts you can do from anywhere! Feel free to grab a resistance band, kettlebell, dumbbells, or an odd object to add to the mix!

  1. AMRAP 10 (As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes):

    5 Burpees

    15 Jump Squats

    20 step-ups

  2. AMRAP 7:

    20 Mountain climbers

    20 reverse lunges

    20 Sit-ups

  3. 4 rounds for time:

    400m run

    40 jump squats

  4. AMRAP 12:

    16 Tricep dips

    20 Bulgarian split squats (10 per side)

    30 hops over an object

Moms in Training online programs offer workouts you can do from anywhere! There’s an option for women at every stage of life. There are a million ways to talk yourself out of working out especially when traveling & trust me I get it, but don’t let space or equipment be an excuse.