what the moms are saying 

My coach Larry introduced me to Kaylee when I was 20 weeks pregnant & I instantly began her Online Program, called “Work to Due”. I did all the workouts in my garage and referred to her workout videos for movements (which was user friendly and easy to follow). Kaylee was amazing with accountability and checking in on me daily, encouraging me, and was/is always available for any questions. The workouts are short and scalable depending on how far along I was in pregnancy, which was so helpful. I gained a total of 19 pounds, (which I was thrilled with) and my postpartum physical therapy assessment went great! I'm 8 week postpartum and I’m currently attending Kaylee’s " Recover & Reset” Postpartum program at DRiV Fitness. Not only is it a great way to ease back into CrossFit post-baby, but I’ve met an awesome moms community that is so, so supportive!  I’m a new mom, so I’m still adjusting and love that support! I look forward to getting out of the house for class and am honestly sad it’s ending soon! I absolutely recommend Kaylee’s programs to any pregnant and postpartum moms out there. In my experience, I found that there are not a lot of resources out there for this, so I’m lucky to have met and found Kaylee and Moms in Training!

 - R.S

A little backstory on me is I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 almost 4 years. I have a history of weak hips which caused me to seek Chiropractic and fascia work weekly through out my pregnancy to continue working out. I worked out up until I was 37 weeks pregnant. When my daughter was born I ended up with a severe 2nd degree tear and decided to wait a full 8 weeks to go back to CrossFit, but I was so ready. I was so ready only to get in there and feel the weakness in my core, pelvic floor, and hips, to have slight leakage during things, and though I had been cleared by my doctor and I knew these things were common after baby I knew they weren’t normal. A friend found Kaylee on Instagram and after looking over her stuff I decided it definitely couldn’t hurt and purchased her Recover and Reset program. For the price I was fully expecting a cookie cutter type workout plan like all the rest, only to be pleasantly surprised to find out it was a one on one tailored to me workout plan. I loved the program and at the end of my 6 weeks felt like I could take on the world. My daughter is now 4 months old and I haven’t had a problem doing a single thing in CrossFit; my pelvic floor and my core feel perfect, even my weak hips feel stronger. Honestly the relationship with Kaylee alone would be testimony enough for me to do any of her programs. She was attentive and encouraging and listened to every detail no matter how small to guide me through her best laid plan. I would recommend Kaylee to everyone and anyone before, during, or after pregnancy. 

- C.H

I just completed my first month with Moms in Training and Coach Kaylee. I've been doing CrossFit for over 5 years and have been competing in Olympic Weightlifting for the last two years.  I have experienced problems with leaking during double- unders, front squats and heavy cleans since I started.  I thought that it was completely normal since having my kids.  A friend of mine who recently had a baby recommended Kaylee.  My first thought was "My kids are 10 and 12, isn't it too late?". Nothing could be further from the truth. In just one month I have not had any leaking during double-unders, squats or cleans AT ALL! Being able to step back, break it down, relearn some basics and learn a lot of new techniques and how to breathe properly has made a huge difference.  The environment is very friendly and comfortable. Kaylee offers support and expertise and wonderful coaching cues in a fun relaxed setting.  I always look forward to classes with her!

- M.C

I worked out with Coach Kaylee at her ‘Moms In Training’ class throughout my second pregnancy up to 39 weeks (with many modifications), did her ‘Recover and Reset’ online program starting around 4 weeks postpartum, and have now been back to her ‘Moms In Training’ class since 11 weeks postpartum. I am so grateful for all of her coaching throughout this process. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about women’s health and fitness, and she guided me through making sure that my baby and I were always safe while maintaining an active lifestyle. I truly believe that my labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery were all better because of the knowledge she gave me and the all over strength she helped me achieve. I am now only 4 months postpartum with a strong pelvic floor that does not leak while being active, and my diastasis recti is almost completely healed. Those are both things that took me 9 months to a year to repair with my first child. I am able to be the best version of myself, for myself and my family, thanks to the knowledge, strength, encouragement and confidence I have been given. I highly recommend Coach Kaylee’s classes for any woman at any stage of her life. She truly is an amazing coach that wants the absolute best for all of her clients. 

- V.S

Thanks for having the moms day. I learned about issues I didn't realize weren't normal. Got great info.! I wouldn't have known or thought about some of these symptoms if you hadn't started the Moms in Training programming. Thank you! 

- S.R