Partnership with Driv fitness

If you live in the St. Augustine area in Florida, you are welcome to come join us at our weekly classes at DRiV Fitness. This is great for the mom, that likes to socialize with other local moms and bond over a common fitness experience. I offer two programs working out at different times during the week. See below for details. 



Monday thru Friday at 10:15am 

Tuesday &Thursdays at 6am

Looking for a workout class catering to your needs as a expecting or new mom? Never had babies and just looking for a women’s only fitness group? This class is the right for you. You will train together with like minded women, without the commitment to a contract. Cost is $160 for unlimited classes & $200 for a 12 class punch card. Children of all ages welcome! 



Monday & wednesdays at 11:15am- *The next 6 weeks starts on june 3rd

This 6 week Recover & Reset program is designed for postpartum moms looking to ease back into the fitness of your choice. This is not a “bootcamp” or “quick fix” class. The main focus will be on breathing, posture, learning how to properly engage & strengthen the pelvic floor & deep core muscles through functional movements. If you’re experiencing physical symptoms like prolapse, diastasis or incontinence and don’t know where to turn, I can help you manage your symptoms while slowly easing you back into fitness and daily motherhood tasks. I’ll help you feel confident in your workouts, body and self while gaining knowledge in how to improve symptoms. Not experiencing symptoms? That’s great, let’s keep it that way. Your body still needs the same attention and recovery time.

Spots are limited. Cost is $160 for the 6 week program.


You'll find us at driv fitness


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St. Augustine  FL, 32086