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Whether you are thinking of starting a family, currently pregnant, or postpartum you are a Mom in Training! I’m here to coach you through your fitness goals safely before, during, and after pregnancy. 

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Complete your workouts anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment.


Through in 30 is a program designed to get the work done in 30 minutes or less by using your body & minimal equipment at home. This is a good fit for any women before pregnancy or after pregnancy with additional scaling options for postpartum moms.


Safe During Pregnancy

Work to Due is a program designed to help all moms train safely during pregnancy by using functional movements that we use in everyday life.The workouts are scaled to your ability level by providing movement modifications for each trimester.


Recover & Reset is a 6 week program designed to help all moms return to exercise safely. If you’re experiencing physical symptoms like prolapse, diastasis or incontinence, I can help you manage your symptoms while easing back into fitness.


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6 week postpartum program

Recover & Reset is a program designed for postpartum moms looking to get back to your fitness of choice and/or daily motherhood tasks. Come learn how to strengthen & engage the deep abdominal muscles & pelvic floor.

women’s only group fitness class

Looking for a workout class catering to your needs as an expecting or new mom? Never had babies and just looking for a women’s only group fitness class? This is the right for you!

Mom Gainz 

I did all the workouts in my garage and referred to her workout videos for movements (which was user friendly and easy to follow). Kaylee was amazing with accountability and checking in on me daily, encouraging me, and was/is always available for any questions. The workouts are short and scalable depending on how far along I was in pregnancy, which was so helpful.

 - R.S

She was attentive and encouraging and listened to every detail no matter how small to guide me through her best laid plan. I would recommend Kaylee to everyone and anyone before, during, or after pregnancy. 

- C.H

In just one month I have not had any leaking during double-unders, squats or cleans AT ALL! Being able to step back, break it down, relearn some basics and learn a lot of new techniques and how to breathe properly has made a huge difference.

- M.C

“I am so grateful for all her coaching throughout the process. She is so knowledgable and passionate about women's health and fitness”

- V.R.


About me

Being a mom is hard, even before you give birth. It’s difficult to know what to do, especially since people don’t really talk about the physical symptoms of pregnancy and childbirth. I’m a mom, a certified pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach, and a level 2 CrossFit trainer. My goal is to help guide you to a place where you can feel confidence in your body and comfort in knowing you’re not alone! 



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